November Update: The Psychological Impact of COVID-19

Since August, the COVID-Minds Network has published monthly summaries of what we are learning about the impact of the pandemic on mental health across the world.

Most significantly, we’ve seen that national lockdowns had a clear impact on individuals’ mental health and wellbeing, and that particular groups are more negatively affected than others, such as young adults, females, and people from Black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds. We’ve also examined the benefits of physical activity in preserving mental health and investigated the psychological issues related to “Long Covid.”

This month, we further investigated the disproportionate affect that COVID-19 has had on young adults and the implications for compliance and further lockdowns. We’ve looked at emerging papers regarding the psychological symptoms of Long Covid, as well as research on why the pandemic has affected the mental health of women more than men. Finally, as many countries embark on more lockdowns, we have discussed how the public can improve their mental health by controlling the amount of media they consume on the topic of the pandemic.