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The Covid-19 Social Study is a panel study of the psychological and social experiences of adults in the UK during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, run by University College London

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Over 70,000 people are currently participating in the study, completing weekly online surveys about their experiences and behaviours. 

We are shortly to start recruiting additional participants for a qualitative interview study. 


The results from this study are vital if we are to understand the effects of the virus and social isolation measures on individuals. They will help us to track trajectories of mental health and loneliness in the UK over the coming weeks, identify which groups are most at risk, and understand the effects of any potentially protective activities people could be engaging in. This will help to inform the advice that people are given about how to stay well at home.


The study is still open to new participants and any support with recruitment is appreciated. Please see links at the top of this page.




Dr Daisy Fancourt          Prof Andrew Steptoe


   Dr Feifei Bu          Dr Alex Burton          Dr Karen Mak          Dr Lou Baxter       

The research is funded by the Nuffield Foundation. We are grateful for support with recruitment from the People's Postcode Lottery, HealthWise Wales, NUS, Age UK, SEO Works, the Ramblers, and FieldworkHub.

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