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April 2021

Researchers across our network have launched 150 longitudinal studies examining the impact of the pandemic on mental health and wellbeing.

This month, we welcome new members to our community and summarise study updates, recently published research, and resources.

March 2021

A year ago the World Health Organization characterised the spread of COVID-19 as a global pandemic. Soon after, the COVID-Minds Network was launched to connect researchers examining how the pandemic would impact the mental health and wellbeing of populations across the world.

February 2021

This month, we look at how pregnant women have responded in the last year and how young people continue to face specific challenges alongside social distancing and isolation. We also emphasise the importance of increasing research in low- and middle-income countries where the pandemic’s effects on mental health may be long-lasting.

January 2021

We’ve started off 2021 by looking at how mental health has been significantly impacted across countries, how particular groups have been more affected than others, and what we can do to help our mental health as the pandemic continues.

December 2020

This month, we’ve examined the effect of the pandemic on: suicide rates, young people and students, people with pre-existing mental health conditions, the delivery of mental health services through telemedicine, and our daily habits and food consumption.

November 2020

Researchers are examining everything from the psychological impact of the pandemic on children with rare genetic disorders to the effects of COVID-19 on postpartum maternal health outcomes.

October 2020

This month’s newsletter features our monthly blog summarising key findings from recent research, as well as a spotlight on one of our members.

September 2020

In our 6th newsletter we publish our second blog providing an update of this month's research. We also introduce a new section showcasing the recent work of member studies. Further resources available on the website are signposted and opportunities for collaborations are listed.

August 2020

In our 5th newsletter we launch our new COVID-19 monthly blog series, highlight new resources for researchers and showcase our new "translated scales" section of our website.

July 2020

In our 4th newsletter we link to a blog from our lived experience advisor on how to involve lived experience in COVID-19 mental health research, provide summaries of new papers and feature new funding opportunities.

June 2020

In our 3rd newsletter we continue to provide updates on longitudinal studies and research papers, introduce 3 research teams looking for collaborators and hear from Dr Anita Goh on the implications of physical distancing restrictions for older people.

May 2020

In our 2nd newsletter we provide updates on new studies, research and blogs and introduce our latest steering group member.

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